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We specialize in the creation of handmade sweet temptations with elegant designs and personal touch.

What makes the difference in our Cakes:

We are the manufacturer - We are in this business of creating boutique cakes for more than 10 years now. We do not use preservatives or additives. Our Master-Chefs create everything by hand from the cream and jams up to the complete layers and icing of the cake.

Handmade - Each of our products requires a great deal of skilled labour, precision and dedication due to the "handmade" nature of our range. We aim to create a home-made effect in a professional environment.

Know-How - Our "Know-How" is a delicate mixture between the experience of our Master Chef (30 years in the industry and our young talents. We are honing our skills by repetition, practice, experimenting with new trends and recipes.

Quality materials -The careful selection of materials is one of the keys to our success. Balance is essential in our industry, therefore, we work with goods imported from Western Europe (Belgium chocolate and German Butter), but also rely on quality home-based manufacturers. We believe that the right mix makes the difference.

The result : Boutique Product

This is the process by which we make Our Product - Your Cake!

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